Work Process for Graphic Design & Web Writing

Many clients want to know the process I go through to complete a project. I have broken it down into these five steps.

  1. Initial Consultation – After first contact, we will need to discuss your project so that I have a full understanding of the elements involved and the overall scope.  This consultation can take place via email conversations or through a phone call.
  2. Formal Proposal – Once I have a clear idea of the project scope, I will write up a formal proposal including the project description, deliverables, price quote, needed elements, approval process description, printing information (if applicable), payment information, and cancellation policy.  If you approve of the proposal, I will need the signed proposal returned along with a 50% down payment on the project.
  3. Initial Draft & Editing – I will work on the first draft of your project and submit it to you via email for review.  We can then discuss this draft and any necessary changes over the phone or via email.
  4. Final Approval – Once you are completely satisfied with the project, I will send over all of the final files.  For design projects, this usually includes the original design file (InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator), .jpg versions, .png versions, or a .pdf. For writing projects, I would send a final version of the work in .doc format.
  5. Final Payment – Once the final files have been delivered, I will submit the balance invoice.  After this final approval and payment have been completed, I consider the project “finished.”  Any additional edits or changes can be made for an additional fee.

Ongoing Work

If your project requires ongoing work (blog or retainer agreement), I will submit a formal proposal outlining the terms of our agreement that you must sign and return.  Then, I will submit an invoice monthly.  Any edits must be requested within 10 days of submission.

Contact me to learn more.