Lifestyle Copywriting That Can Boost Your Website Performance

Strong copywriting is incredibly important for any business because it shows your customer that you’ve got your ducks in a row –you KNOW what you’re doing!

A well-researched written message can be a magnet for new audiences, give a rocket boost to your social media shares, add informative pizzazz to your website, and provide a voice for your online personae.

As a lifestyle copywriter, my writing is particularly tailored for companies who are looking to make a change in the lives of their clients.  If you are one of these companies, you feel it is your personal mission to help others find more lucrative, exciting, and liberated lifestyles outside the norm.  You want to help people take control of their lives, learn new skills, and refocus their mindset on success.

My background includes both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Education, so I am very in-tune with this type of mindset.  My writing can help you create regular blog articles, keyword-based web content, marketing emails, sales letters, and even full-blown informational products.  Read more about my work process here.

Besides my academic background, I’ve studied the principles of effective writing through American Writers and Artists (AWAI) and the sales techniques of the Glazer Kennedy Insider’s Circle (GKIC.)

And I have one more little gem in my arsenal…

After your product is planned, written, and polished – I can do the graphic design for you too!

What’s the Advantage of a Copywriter Who Knows Graphic Design?

It’s simple actually.  You know that “too many cooks in the kitchen will spoil the broth,” right?

The same thing applies to your finished product.  Rather than hiring a whole slew of people to work on your project, I can help you with a cohesive work flow from concept, to writing, and through to the final product design.

Imagine a copywriter who can write AND lay out a killer sales letter.  Or, one who can write AND design an eye catching marketing package.  Or, perhaps, you’re creating a large informational product that needs content, branding, printed elements, lesson layout, and more…

I can help you get this all done with less hassle and ‘no-nonsense.’

Contact me today to learn how I can help with your next project!

Writing Testimonials

“Her writing work has resulted in a tremendous increase on my site’s organic traffic.”

I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with Rachael Kraft on a variety of projects starting back in the spring of 2013.  I originally hired her to help with SEO link building for my horse trailer company.  She continues this work today with a project called Horse Rescue Corner that she created to serve the dual purpose of creating back-links for my business site and bringing awareness to the issue of horse abuse and neglect nationwide.  This continues to be a highly successful campaign in which Rachael deserves 100% of the credit.

Over time, I recognized that she was and continues to be a huge asset to my company.  So I enlisted her to update written content and write bi-monthly blog articles for my company’s website. Her highest performing blog article received 6,100 unique page views (73.02% total traffic) in its first twenty-four hours, 24,001 unique page views (73.55% total traffic) in its first three days, and 35,801 views (22.45% total traffic) in its first three months.  Her writing work has resulted in a tremendous increase on my site’s organic traffic.

When I purchased a pair of fitness equipment review websites in the Spring 2015, I once again turned to Rachael as what I consider to be a trusted adviser and team member.  She traveled with me to several fitness equipment manufacturing sites nationwide where she helped with video production and video editing.  In person, she carries herself professionally and is an excellent representative on behalf of our company. Next, she managed the fitness and nutrition blogs on my two sites writing bi-weekly articles.  As it turns out, she is a natural born fitness equipment review person!  I thought her work exceeded my expectations.

Most recently, I have enlisted Rachael’s help for content management on my fitness sites.  She is in charge of updating content, pricing, links, and posting sales on a daily basis.  She is a lead contributor on my sites because she writes with unbiased, trusted authority.

Overall, her help has been very refreshing. It’s rare these days you ask someone to do something and they take initiative to do it with proficiency.  I ask her for her ideas and her opinions on everything from Facebook themes, blogs, link building strategies and various eCommerce related subjects.  She has impressed me with her contributions to our marketing efforts.  Her greatest skills are her creativity, professionalism, social skills, web development, content writing, graphic design, and link building.  I would say the greatest skill is her creativity.  I highly recommend her skills for any company.  You will not go wrong in hiring her to manage any size project for you.

Brad Heath, Double D Trailers Custom Horse Trailers & App-Crafters Fitness Review Websites

“That is an amazing letter. I love it!  You are a very talented writer and I think this will melt their hearts!!!  Thank you so much!!!”

Annette Garcia, Coachella Valley Horse Rescue