A Good Website Is the Heart & Soul of an Online Company

An online company isn’t much without a strong website to display their products and services.  Their online presence should be well organized, clearly presented, and easy to navigate.  Eye-catching web banners, proper text layout, well-designed navigation, and strong branding all play important roles in creating a site that will attract customers, generate trust, and bring in revenue.  I am willing to work with a web developer on more complex web design projects.

Krafted can help you with the following web design products:

  • Full WordPress website design using a purchased theme
  • Landing page design and graphics
  • Full non-WordPress site design with web developer cooperation
  • Web banners and advertisement creation
  • Edits on an existing site to reformat and improve text layout
  • Custom composite images
  • Photo editing for product images
  • Custom illustrations and icons
  • Content input on an existing site

Contact me today for rate quotes and availability.

Check Out Some Web Design Samples Below: