Testimonials for Graphic Design, Web Writing, & Research Services

“Rachael, at Kraft Graphics brings ideas and creativity to the table on all jobs. She is easy to work with, deadline oriented and works wonders with very intricate design and strategy campaigns. We just completed another series of components together and my client is very pleased. She is organized and a solid team player. I can count on her to get the job done. I look forward to our continued success together. THANKS Rachael!!”

Lori Haller, Designing Response, LLC

“A MASSIVE thanks to Rachael for stepping in at the last minute and working literally around the clock so I could met my deadline. If you need a designer – HIRE RACHAEL !!!!”

Kelvin Parker – Customer Triggered Persuasion

“I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with Rachael Kraft on a variety of projects starting back in the spring of 2013. Overall, her help has been very refreshing. It’s rare these days you ask someone to do something and they take initiative to do it with proficiency.  I ask her for her ideas and her opinions on everything from facebook themes, blogs, link building strategies and various ecommerce related subjects.  She has impressed me with her contributions to our marketing efforts.  Her greatest skills are her creativity, professionalism, social skills, web development, content writing, graphic design, and link building.  I would say the greatest skill is her creativity.  I highly recommend her skills for any company.  You will not go wrong in hiring her to manage any size project for you.

Brad Heath – Double D Trailers

“Rachael was a pleasure to work with – very friendly and accommodating with my requests. I was pleased with the finished product and would recommend her services to anyone who needs an excellent graphic designer. Rachael went above and beyond with helping in the transfer of my website from one host to another – even to making phone calls for me to get everything straightened out. She was truly appreciated.”

Lydia Mills – Mills Septic

“Great work, Rachael!!  Thank you for jumping on this so quickly.  I hope this weekend is a success and with your help I am optimistic.”

Mike Turner – Turner Capital Investments

“Rachael did a superb job translating my vision for a promotional ebook into reality, exceeding my expectations for the quality of the design and the “feel” of the finished product. She excelled at really listening to what I wanted, even when I couldn’t fully articulate it, and providing me a list of options for reaching my goal. She was also very flexible about changing the design to meet my needs, suggesting new designs and sources for stock photos that would meet my needs cost-effectively. I never felt she was pushing her agenda as an artist, but was instead focused on meeting my business requirements. Finally, she was very flexible and patient as I saw new tweaks with each round of review. Whether you need a design for an ebook or fast, cost-effective troubleshooting for a WordPress site, I can recommend Rachael without reservation.

Bob Scheier – Scheier Associates

“I hired Rachael Kraft to help me redo my aging website. The redo was a pretty messy job thanks to several false starts I had attempted earlier. Rachael helped me systematically work through the mess to create a beautiful, clear, easy-to-navigate site. Throughout the project, she sent over regular updates to keep me informed and to verify changes. I sent over many nit-picky emails as we went through the final stages and each time Rachael turned the work around quickly.  When the project was done, she sent over a very clear summation of the project with all the info I will need in the future if I need to make additional changes. I’m very pleased with my new site. I highly recommend Rachael for website design work.

Sarah Clachar – Healthy Marketing Ideas

“Rachael Kraft is the perfect blend of professionalism and creativity. She took the time to understand what I wanted and delivered a product that surpassed my expectations. I enjoyed working with her and highly recommend her.”

Kate Rufa – Tranquil Tree Yoga Mats

“We needed professional, realistic graphics to launch our new product line, but I was dreading the process of finding and evaluating a graphic artist. Typically it takes several tries to capture my vision and then many revisions (stretched over months) to get it right.  Not with Rachael – I was thrilled with her first drafts! They were exactly what I had described – and imagined. With just a few tweaks, we were done! (In fact, she worked so efficiently – and followed up so well – that she was often left waiting for me!)  On top of her impressive graphics ability and professionalism, Rachael is a joy to work with. I know we’ll be hiring her again soon.”

Christina Gillick – Gillick Copywriting

“From the very beginning, I enjoyed working with Rachael. She’s extremely talented, professional and responsive to what I was looking for in my graphic design needs, whether it was with my promotional materials for my business or the logo design for my informational site. I’d love working with her again in the future, and wouldn’t hesitate recommending her to any of my friends and colleagues!”

Janice Sakata-Schultze – Schultze Copywriting

“Phenomenal job by one of the most professional individuals in the business. Rachael’s success is due not only to her extraordinary talent but her unique ability to listen to the client and quickly turn ideas into solutions. Very well done.”

Rod Hynes – Bio-Cellular Design Aeronautics Inc.

“Really love your logo work. With little input from me, you’ve created designs that highlight my business image and speak to my clients. I can see your enthusiasm shows up in the design evolution and you make this an enjoyable process.”

Jerry Bures – Ascend Marketing Solutions

“Rachael’s got that ‘Andy Griffith simplicity’ in a world that’s awash with machinima mentality. I hired her as a production artist for a 1/4 page advertorial campaign. (When the previous freelancer gave the header font style a ‘unilateral’ tweak between runs, my ‘gut trust’ got siphoned out the window.) ‘Exacting is in my blood,’ I said. ‘Tedious is not.’ I could feel Rachael’s smile through the phone. ‘I’ll do whatever you want,’ she said.  And she did.  Plus she values direct response, soaking up information, and having fun. If you’re a nice person creating native advertising (I’ll forgive you for pretending it’s brand new when the format was invented 100 years ago), and give clear direction, hire Rachael today. You can call me in Tinseltown at (310) 839-2468 and I’ll tell you more about our experience. It’s all good. Like modern-day Mayberry. Service Category: Production Artist  Year first hired: 2013  Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity.”

Tia Dobi – Communication Must Make Change

“Mrs. Rachael Kraft, takes the time to really listen to design concepts that I have brought to the meeting table and when she delivers the final product it exceeds my expectations every time. I am most appreciative for her careful attention to detail within the design process, the transactions, and updates through out the project. In my marketing efforts it’s very important to capture through the ‘First Impression.’ Kraft Graphic Designs is the perfect partner that I confidently share with other colleagues.”

Diana Davis – Coldwell Banker in Clarksville, TN

“Rachael did an amazing job on my website header by incorporating an avatar that I previously had and infused it with new photos using her amazing strategies. I have received so many compliments on the professional look and how well it ties in with my target market.

Dede Sindelar – Sindelar Wellness Travel

“I would definitely hire her again.  She was very thorough, and provided constant status updates.  She responded quickly to messages and questions.  Deadline was met with a few days to spare.  This was a great experience.”

Cheri Merkel – OPUBCO Communications Group

“Rachael is a very talented artist and did great work for us, and right on time!”

Bernard Ferret – Silver Spring, Md

“Fantastic! Very clear, concise, responsive. Easy to work with, on time. Will 100% look her up next time I need a job done.”

Dr. Scott Freeman D.C. – Completely Awesome Chiropractic

Excellent designer; very professional.”

Andrew Cass – iPublishing Media Group

“Great newsletter provider.”

Eduardo Xavier – Fashion Designer: Melbourne, Australia

“Each time she has excelled beyond my expectations.  I will continue to hire and work with her as she is exceptionally reliable and delivers on time every time.  I 100% recommend her.”

Chris Walton MSc – Performance Psychologist, Author, United Kingdom

“Rachael at Kraft Graphic Design created a clean professional design very quickly! With fantastic customer service and a designer that listens to your needs, this is truly the best design option out there!”

Susan Dubbs, Independent Senior Consultant – Thirty-One Gifts

“Her writing work has resulted in a tremendous increase on my site’s organic traffic.”

“I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with Rachael Kraft on a variety of projects starting back in the spring of 2013.  I originally hired her to help with SEO link building for my horse trailer company.  She continues this work today with a project called Horse Rescue Corner that she created to serve the duel purpose of creating back-links for my business site and bringing awareness to the issue of horse abuse and neglect nationwide.  This continues to be a highly successful campaign in which Rachael deserves 100% of the credit.

Over time, I recognized that she was and continues to be a huge asset to my company.  So I enlisted her to update written content and write bi-monthly blog articles for my company’s website. Her highest performing blog article received 6,100 unique page views (73.02% total traffic) in its first twenty-four hours, 24,001 unique page views (73.55% total traffic) in its first three days, and 35,801 views (22.45% total traffic) in its first three months.  Her writing work has resulted in a tremendous increase on my site’s organic traffic.

When I purchased a pair of fitness equipment review websites in the Spring 2015, I once again turned to Rachael as what I consider to be a trusted advisor and team member.  She traveled with me to several fitness equipment manufacturing sites nationwide where she helped with video production and video editing.  In person, she carries herself professionally and is an excellent representative on behalf of our company. Next, she managed the fitness and nutrition blogs on my two sites writing bi-weekly articles.  As it turns out, she is a natural born fitness equipment review person!  I thought her work exceeded my expectations.

Most recently, I have enlisted Rachael’s help for content management on my fitness sites.  She is in charge of updating content, pricing, links, and posting sales on a daily basis.  She is a lead contributor on my sites because she writes with unbiased, trusted authority.”

Brad Heath, Double D Trailers Custom Horse Trailers & App-Crafters Fitness Review Websites

“That is an amazing letter. I love it!  You are a very talented writer and I think this will melt their hearts!!!  Thank you so much!!!”

Annette Garcia, Coachella Valley Horse Rescue

“I can’t tell you how long I’ve been waiting to find a researcher who is not only good at what they do, but who understands what copywriters need. You are a RARE find.  I think once the full-time health writers find out about you, you’ll be booked up solid… just as long as you leave some time for me!”

Jeff McGeary – AlSearsMD.com

“I personally have used – and will continue to use – Rachael’s research services and can tell you she is TOP NOTCH.”

Sean McCool – “Rise Up Champion” Lifestyle Coach

“I finally finished reading your other option research. Great job! It was a real home run!…The research you did was great.  I think the sales letter will come together really well.”

Brett Comeau, Comeau Web Copy, Direct Response Copy for the Financial Sector

“Direct response copy relies on proof, and Rachael gave me exactly the info I needed (with references)–later the SAME DAY. She covered all the bases and hit several home runs, finding information I thought would be impossible to locate. For the most complex info she attached the source docs, so I could take a closer look.”

Tricia Geib, Geib Direct, Financial Copywriter

“Rachael at Kraft Research Services is a God-send and has saved me a ton of time and money.  She communicated effectively, she provided high quality research in lightning fast time, and I will definitely use the service again and again.  I will gladly outsource my research to KRS!”

Michelle Hill – Winning Proof, Sports and Fitness Copywriter