4 Steps for Solid Research to Support Your Writing

I will typically use the following steps to complete your research project.

  • We Hold an Initial Consultation – This is when you give me a general idea of what you are looking for so I can schedule an appropriate time-slot for your project.
  • You Provide Project Information – I will send you a Research Request document. This will help me learn specifics about your project such as particular sources desired, specific keywords to target, and information about what topics you are hoping to cover.
  • I Research The Topic – I will spend time digging through sources like PubMed, academic journals, magazines, gossip pages, newspapers, and library books to uncover the information you requested. I will deliver a Research Deliverable Document in PDF format:

* Source information will be marked in BLUE.

* Researcher’s notes in RED will be included with special messages from me regarding the source.

* Specific facts will be highlighted directly in the text in bright YELLOW so you don’t need to spend time reading.

* When possible, PDF versions of sources will be included as attachments.

  • You Review and Deliver Final Approval – I will give you one week to look through the research results to either request additional time, redirect my efforts on a specific sub-topic, or give your final approval for completion. At that time, I will send along an invoice at our agreed upon hourly rate.

Guarantee – I will typically deliver research results to you in several rounds of 1-3 hours.  If you are a first time research client and you are not happy with the initial round of research results, you can cancel the project and you do not pay.  It’s as simple as that.  I want to make sure that I am delivering valuable information that will support your writing.


I am willing to work under retainer agreements under special circumstances.  Please inquire if this is something that may interest you.  Contact me for current availability.