How Good Graphic Design Can Help Build Your Company Brand

Your company’s “brand” represents the public’s perception of your service and reputation.  It can help inspire trust, drive sales, and promote recognition if done well.

Yup…it’s pretty darn important in the grand scheme of things!

From a graphic design perspective, representing your brand to the public starts with building a logo that is memorable and effective.  This image will become the face of your company and will be displayed on everything from your website and products to your ads, business cards, and letterheads.

It will even be displayed on those goofy little stress balls that you hand out when you go to your next industry convention.  So, it should look really great, right?

That is why I take logo design very seriously. I take the time to really hear what my clients stand for with their business.  What is the message they are trying to convey?  What are the primary outlets where they plan to display this design?

The logo design process often proceeds like this:

  • Initial consultation to discuss ideas.
  • Initial design round of 6-12 black and white logo options.
  • Feedback from the client to identify themes and designs they like and dislike.
  • Secondary design round of 6-12 black and white logo variations.
  • Design rounds continue until client has chosen their desired logo.
  • Initial design round with color and styling.
  • Feedback from client.
  • Secondary design round with color and styling.
  • Design rounds continue until client has chosen desired logo coloring.
  • Final logo files are delivered including web and print versions along with original design files.

Once a logo is chosen, branding design can branch into additional products like:

  • Business cards (Full printing can be arranged for you.)
  • Social media images such as Facebook business page banners, posts, or profile pictures
  • Full WordPress website design
  • Main website headers
  • Website banners using new branding
  • eBook cover and interior design
  • Pamphlets or brochures
  • Newsletters

Contact me for rates and availability.

Check out Some Branding Design Samples Below: