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A Perfect Blend of Professionalism and Creativity

My name is Rachael Kraft and I am a no-nonsense graphic designer and lifestyle copywriter.

Are you looking for someone with a get-the-job-done-well work style who can help you put together a fully finished product?  Better yet, are you looking for someone who can do this without causing headaches, missing deadlines, or creating general chaos?  Do you need graphic design AND writing from someone who can blend vibrant creativity with practical planning, organization, and execution?

If so, then I have the perfect blend of skills to help you with your next project!  I call myself ‘no-nonsense’ because I am committed to professionalism, organization, and communication throughout each project.

Seems simple…but it makes all the difference.


There are several areas where I can help you improve your online business:

Graphic Design

I have worked with online companies literally around the globe to create branding designs, full WordPress websites, eBooks, white papers, newsletters, and printed marketing materials.  My association with the awesome folks at American Writers and Artists (AWAI) has helped me become well versed in the language of direct marketing. Best of all, I’m one of those designers who gets stuff done without a lot of hassle.

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Lifestyle Copywriting

Ongoing written content is pretty darn important for any web-based business.  It’s the heart and soul of your advertising efforts after all!  My copywriting passion lies with companies who are working to improve the lives of their customers by giving them more exciting, lucrative, and flexible lifestyles.  I can help you create regular online content, marketing emails, informational products, and more…

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 More about Rachael

Rachael Kraft

I live with my husband just to the west of New York City.  In my spare time, I enjoy spending time outdoors, riding horses, reading, painting, running, fencing, and learning to play the guitar.